Introduction: How to Laser Cut a Box!


  • Any type of paper
  • pencil
  • Graph paper
  • Box Designer, Gravit, and adobe illustrator accessible
  • Flash drive
  • Laser cutter accessible
  • Tape
  • Wood glue
  • Paint (optional)

Step 1: Step 1: Brainstorm

The first step you have to do is create a plan for what you want to do, so you must brainstorm. After that, you must draft out your ideas onto a sheet of paper with specific details about your box so when you look back you can go back and edit or use it as a reference. Take any sheet of blank paper and begin writing down some ideas of what you would want to do.

Step 2: Make Some Edits

After you have finished planning, go over it again! Maybe ask some peers and ask for some feedback on the design and continue to strengthen your ideas and plans to make sure it is exactly how you would want it. Maybe go back to your design and make it even better.

Step 3: Draft Your Idea Onto a Graph Paper

Once you have your final idea of what you would want to do, you must graph that idea into a better form. Make sure you get into detail about your project so that way it is easier for you to edit anything and or get into depth about it when printing and constructing.

Step 4: Convert Your Ideas to a Box Maker Website

After finishing all of your edits and you feel confident with your designs, take all of your measurements and notes to a website called Box designer. From there you will submit all of your measurements and the website will transfer all the submitted data into a pdf of what the box would look like on a blueprint. If your box design doesn't seem right go back and edit the data you submitted.

Step 5: Edit Any Mistakes You See Using Gravit

After you have created your box layout you should be able to physically see your box in the form it's going to be printed out. If you see any mistakes or want to add anything to your box that you can't fix with box designer, go to a website called gravit. There you should be able to edit beyond your expectations. You can add words, pictures, and even edit how you want your box to look like.

Step 6: Transfer Your Design Into a PDF

When you have finished your gravitic edits, save your work, and then convert it into a PDF. You must save your boxes(s) onto a flash drive to have it saved securely. After that, you must go onto illustrator and convert the pages from gravit, box designer into a PDF.

Step 7: Save Your Box to a Flash Drive.

After you converted your box into a PDF, make sure to save your box into a flash drive so you can import it to the laser cutter.

Step 8: Lasercut!

after you put your flash drive into the laser cutter, choose the speed and power needed for the type of your material and its thickness. Upload the completed file you saved your boxes on to the laser cutter, and then select it. After that, you want to make sure to autofocus and frame your wood with the nozzle of the laser cutter. After that you then set the origin on laser cutter; then click start. Your boxes should start cutting after that

Step 9: Glue Your Box Together

After you have printed your box pieces, it's time for you to glue! Glue your pieces together like a puzzle piece and once done you should put masking tape to hold it together.

Step 10: Decorate! (optional)

Once your box has dried you are finished! Sanding is recommended but it is up to you how you want to decorate your box!