Introduction: How to Laser Cut and Engrave a Star Wars Light Switch Plate

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This is how to make a custom laser cut and engraved light switch plate. I used Boba Fett clip art from Star Wars, but you could use any clip art to make a custom plate that is a fun addition to a child's room or a game room!

Step 1: Tools and Materials


Access to a Laser Cutter

Design software like Adobe Illustrator


Acrylic sheet, 1/8" works well

Solvent cement (I use Weld-on)

Acrylic paints (I use Citadel paints for miniature models)

Step 2: Design the Switch Plate in Adobe Illustrator

Using an actual switch plate as a reference, I created an extra large switch plate that is 1" larger than a jumbo sized plate from the hardware store. I added a second layer ring to the back to give the plate some volume and guarantee a tight fit to the wall.

Step 3: Add the Engraving Graphic

I found a piece of clip art I liked and sized it to fit the switch plate.

Step 4: Cut and Engrave the Switch Plate

I adjusted the manual settings for rastering on my laser cutter to 50% power and 50% speed. This cuts a much deeper pocket than the normal raster settings. I left the paper on both the front and back of the acrylic, to make it easier to paint in the next step.

Step 5: Paint the Switch Plate

I painted my plate with the same Citadel paints I use to paint my miniature models. I am careful but I don't have to be finicky because the paper protects the plate and will be peeled off in the next step.

Step 6: Peel Off the Paper and Fuse on the Back Ring

When the paper is peeled off, the paint job looks perfect! I sealed this with a coat of matte varnish, to hold up under normal wear and tear.

As a final step, I use solvent cement to fuse the back layer on. This gives the switch plate enough depth to fit over the switch box and fit tightly to the wall.

Step 7: You Can See the Whole Process in This Video Tutorial

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