Introduction: How to Lay Laminate Flooring

In this Instructable, I will teach the very basics on laying laminate flooring.



Laminate Flooring


Floor Installation Kit (Spacers, Tapping Block and Pull Bar)

Step 1: How Get the Floor Ready

First you want to make sure that the floor that will be under the new laminate is cleaned. After the floor is cleaned you will start by taking your underlayment and unrolling it on the ground. Make sure to cover all of the floor with it.

Step 2: Actually Laying the Flooring

Once you start laying the floor, always go from one side of the room, to the next with the length of the flooring.

Step 3: Cutting the Flooring

Once you get to one side of the room, if it's next to a wall, use the pull bar to push the flooring as much to the other end of the room as possible. After this you measure what you need to fill in and then cut a piece of flooring and fir it into place.

Step 4: A Very Crucial Step

Make sure that once you go to the next row that you offset the boards. If you line the boards up then it will create weak spots, offsetting them will help that and make the floor much better looking.