Introduction: How to Lead in Two-step: Dancing Instructions

Learn how to lead in two-step dancing in a few easy steps! You’ll look like a two-stepping professional the next time you dance to country music!

• This instruction set is for beginners wishing to learn how to lead in two-step dancing.
• Your partner will do the exact opposite of your movements starting at step 5 to the end of the instruction set.
• The basic movements for this dance are covered in steps 5-9.

Step 1: Starting Materials

A. Two people willing to dance
     - One person to lead (Leader), traditionally, a male.
     - One person to dance with (Partner), traditionally, a female.
B. Country Music
     - suggested: George Strait songs such as Ocean Front Property

Step 2: 2. Face Partner and Stand With Legs Shoulder-width Apart.

Step 3: 3. Place Right Hand in Partner’s Left Hand and Extend Grasped Hands Out to One Side.

Step 4: 4. Place Inactive Hand on Partner’s Lower Back.

Step 5: 5. When the Music Begins to Play, Step Left Foot Forward Once.

You will repeat steps 5-9 throughout the song
*Note that your partner will be doing the exact opposite of your movements during steps 5-9.

Step 6: 6. Step Once With Your Right Foot Slightly Forward. Take One Step Forward With Left Foot.

Here's a Diagram of the steps! 

Step 7: 7. Step Once Backwards on Your Right Foot.

Step 8: 8. Return Feet to Shoulder-width Position.

*Prepare to repeat steps 5-8.

Step 9: 9. Repeat Steps 5-8 Throughout the Song.

HINT: Two steps forward, one step backwards!
Here’s a video of the final product!

You’re a two-stepping professional leader now!