How to Learn Anything



Introduction: How to Learn Anything

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Do you love learning new skills?

Here are four tips to help you learn any new skill:

1- Set goals

Goal setting is the first and most important step. You need to create SMART goals.

• Specific.

• Measurable.

• Attainable.

• Relevant.

• Time Bound.

2- Schedule time.

Learning requires time. Willpower never lasts. So schedule a time when you have no excuse to miss practice time. A little bit daily is way better than a lot once a week.

3- Acquire knowledge.

The next step is to learn from the best teachers available. With the Internet that is easier than ever. Prioritise the mini-skills that will help you the most in learning the new skill and learn those first.

4- Practice a lot.

Don’t get discourage if you don’t get it the first time, or the second, or the one-hundredth time. Most things that are worth learning require 20 hours on average. So have a system where you can measure your success in order to motivate yourself and keep going!

So if you enjoy learning new things, swimming, dancing, drawing and other skills this channel is for you! So make sure to subscribe, watch, learn, practice and enjoy!

Thank for watching!

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