Introduction: How to Learn Morse Code

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There is A language, difficult to understand at first, but easy to recognise and decode once you have learned it. This language is considered dead, although some radio hobbyists still use it. This language is Morse Code. I have not seen anywhere else on the Instructables website an article dedicated to you learning Morse Code. If you find such an article, please alert me to it. Here is an example of Morse Code: .--. .-.. . .- ... ./.-.. . .- ...- ./.-/ -.-. --- -- -- . -. -/.. ..-./ -.-- --- ..-/.-.. .. -.- ./ - .... .. .../ .. -. ... - .-. ..- -.-. - .- -... .-.. ./ Once you know Morse Code, you can read the message!

Step 1: A Bit of History

My second language, and possibly soon too be yours, was developed in 1836 by A man named Samuel Morse, seen above. He invented this little device called A telegraph, also seen above. The telegraph is used to send coded messages across A long distance of wire. But, in more modern times, the telegraph can be used wirelessly, enabling the messages to be sent around the world!

Step 2: How I Learned

Now, my process of learning Morse Code was A Bit amateur, perhaps, but the Morse Code alphabet is still firmly in my memory, 1 year later!

All I did was to start with the letter A, and tap the letter in Morse Code A few times until it was still in my memory after eating A snack, count how many times I had to tap the letter until it was in my memory, And then move to B, C, and so fourth.

Each time I started on A new letter, I tapped all of the letters I had learned preceding. If I forgot one, work on it some more. After reaching the letter Z, start on the numbers. It helps the learning process to have A telegraph key, or something that you can tap the code and get an audio feedback. Above is A copy of the international Morse Code alphabet for your use in learning.

I had published A previous Instructable called: Cheap yet fun telegraph. There you can learn to make an AM radio telegraph key. Please find this on my published Instructable page in my "about." Once you have that or something similar, you can begin learning the code. By the way, in total for me, it took about 4 hours to learn the entire Morse Code alphabet by heart. (P.S.) You don't need A telegraph key, but it sure does help!

Step 3: Enjoy Your New Language!

Now you can aggravate your friends and family with your constant beeping! (Do not, under any circumstances follow your older sibling beeping for fear of severe bodily harm!) Now go have fun! You can now talk to people around the world with A ham radio, or, you can talk to your friend next door. I will make an Instructable soon on how to make A small telegraph network. Check back for more updates and thanks for reading!

Step 4: UPDATE: CwCommunicator

I found a neat program that is very useful in learning Morse Code. It's called CwCom, short for Cw Communicator.


For tips on setting up and using CwCom, visit The CwCom "Gems" Blog

Thanks for reading!