Introduction: How to Learn Photoshop Online for Free

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One of the most popular and most used photo editing software available online for designers and developers is Photoshop. You can’t imagine designing an image without Photoshop. Why is it so popular? Why everyone wants to learn it?

First of all, Photoshop is a lot more than a software; it is a way to communicate yourselves and create something that has never been into existence. It takes a handful of months to master Photoshop and create something innovative. The best thing about Photoshop is that you can create anything you want and anytime you want. Additionally, if you are a website owner, you don’t have to expend money or time in designing new images or business cards for your website.

There are tons of jobs available offline and online for Photoshop designers and developers. Almost every studio needs Photoshop professionals who can work around and create awesome images for them. An average salary of a Photoshop designer is approx. $70,000 per annum, so you can imagine how you can earn easily by learning this wonderful art.

It is one of most powerful thing ever created by Adobe. I have searched all over the web and have found out these best resources to learn Photoshop for free. Also I have categorized these resources according to Video tutorials, advanced text tutorials and web forums, so that you can find one stop for all things you need to learn Photoshop and that too for free.

So why to spend through your pockets when everything is available for you at tip of your fingers. Take a look on all below resources and have a happy learning.

Step 1: Learn Basics of Photoshop From Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are an excellent way to learn Photoshop. You can watch each and every step while creating a project. Also you can learn at your own pace by watching live examples beside you. It also allows you to understand features that are often skipped in text tutorials. So you can check out any of these video tutorials which I have found on the web.

1) Photoshop

Learn Adobe Photoshop software tips and tricks that bring out your brilliance simply by watching video at your own pace at


Here you will get Official Photoshop video tutorials from Adobe, the creators of Photoshop tool.

3) eHow

Whether you need to fix, build, create or learn, eHow gives you practical solutions to Photoshop problems. In right section you can find related video tutorials of Photoshop.

4) Eduonix Photoshop

Eduonix is another cool online training platform that teaches different programming and technology related courses through videos. You just have to enrol for their courses on website. Many free courses are also available under freebies sections and all other are paid. But you can find their Photoshop course on YouTube which is free to learn.

5) digital-tutors

Watch proven Photoshop tutorials from top creative professionals and learn what it takes to create stunning and detailed designs, art, projects and more at digital-tutors.

6) Udemy

Udemy is a great platform to learn all video courses at your own pace. Here you will get free as well as paid courses. From all Photoshop courses at Udemy, I have found out this Photoshop course as one as most popular to all web designers.

7) Photoshop Universe

Photoshop universe provides carefully structured FREE video tutorials so that learners can increase their skills and reach height of success.

8) Adobe KnowHow

Adobe Photoshop CS5 tutorials is specially made for beginners that teaches you how to master Photoshop quickly and completely. You can also get Certificate of Completion on this course.

9) LearnersTV

Along with learning these Photoshop tutorials learners tv also offers you to download those videos to your desktop. In total 2hrs of video content will take you way around the Photoshop world.

10) thenewboston

If you just simply prefer to watch tutorials in a video format then you must try The New Boston’s videos. By learning these free video tutorials, you can surely be able to work your way around Photoshop development.

Step 2: Learn Advanced Photoshop Designing With These Text Tutorials

After you have finished learning basics of Photoshop you can move further through below websites. These are best websites which will enhance your photo-editing skills with text tutorials. You can find advanced tutorials with some projects which you can follow to increase your Photoshop knowledge.

1) DigitalArts

Digital Arts is a great collection of tutorials of Photoshop. These are advanced tutorials like adding effects, changing colour, designing an app with examples shown in front of you.

2) pshero

pshero is another good platform for Photoshop developers to watch simple text tutorials and follow them step by step to learn interesting topics and art in Photoshop.

3) Tutorialized

All in one stop to get all text tutorial of Photoshop is Tutorialized. Here you will find tutorials which are properly categorized into sections. Also you can submit your tutorials in Tutorialized if it is helpful.

4) Photoshop Lady

You will get all of the high quality Photoshop tutorials categorized into 3D Effect, Abstract Effect, Drawing Effect, Photo Effect, Text Effect, Texture & Patterns and User Interface Design at Photoshop Lady.

5) Photoshop123

Photoshop123 is another good platform where you can find good tutorials on Photoshop.


Along with text tutorials you get different download tools for Photoshop with good examples also with books and different deals related to design at Photoshop tutorials ws

7) planetphotoshop

Planet Photoshop provides Free Adobe Photoshop tutorials, tips, tricks and reviews from Scott Kelby's National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP).

8) DesignStacks

DesignStacks is also one of the best tutorials site available for Photoshop. It has tutorials on Special Effects, 3D, Photo editing, Manipulation, moreover you can also write tutorials for them.

9) photoshopessentials

with easy to follow, step-by-step training on everything from Photoshop Basics to photo editing and retouching, photo effects, text effects, and more, Photoshopessentials provides tutorials all written with beginners keeping in mind.

10) LAYERS magazine

The Layers magazine website is filled up with powerful tutorials for Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects, Dreamweaver, and flash so that design professionals can produce quickly and easily dazzling results.

Step 3: Solve Your Queries With These Forums

Web forums are best because you get lot of help through discussion, question and answers with huge community along with you. Photoshop is little difficult to learn, especially when you have learned initial features and want to move further with it, that’s where an online forum can offer quick solutions and mentors for further development. So check out the Photoshop forums listed below.

1) Adobe Official

Official Photoshop website forum is one stop place for all Photoshop learners. You can ask questions, participate in discussions, latest updates about Photoshop, news, and visit different communities and search for everything you need.

2) Digital Point

If you have tips, discussions or questions, related to Photoshop then digital point is the must place to visit.

3) Photoshop Gurus

Photoshop Gurus is a forums, where members can ask and answer questions related to Photoshop, participate in fun challenges and discussions, with 50,000 active members that helps you on topics related to graphic design, image editing, photography, web design and other topics related to Photoshop.

4) devshed

Here you will get all articles filled with advice that developers can use to handle issues in their everyday life.

5) PS-Scripts

About 2000 active members visiting daily PS scripts is a typical Photoshop forum to find all your queries cleared.

6) Photoshop CAFE

With categories of design, events, contest, gallery, videos, tutorials Photoshop café has about 20,000 members with great discussions related to Photoshop.

7) PhotoshopForums

PhotoshopForums is an active and moderated, unofficial Photoshop support and enthusiast community. Our forums play host to kind and respectful help and feedback as well as tutorials and other resources.


Join this free Photoshop Forum and discuss everything regarding website designs, image manipulation, photo editing and much more

9) Tutorialized

This Photoshop forum covers the standard name in graphic design section. You can discuss ticks and tips, creative effects, and also how to use the Photoshop tools more effectively in this forum.

10) TeamPhotoshop

Most of the tutorials are written by developer of this website. In this forum you will get Photoshop related articles, styles, websites, general stuff and more.

By Learning Photoshop it can bring the great artist out of you and also you can create images that can bring out your creative imagination. Above everything else, you can edit images and get paid for the job which you love to do.

I hope you find this post well informative to get you start to learn Photoshop. So keep learning to grab the jobs available in the media and advertising industry.