Introduction: How to Let the Whole World Control Your Desk Lamp

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This project was an attempt to use the electric imp to allow my desk lamp to be controlled by, well... Anyone. You can see the basic functionality in the video and can download the code for the microcontroller here. You can also check out the lamp controller and control the desk lamp yourself!

Lamp Controller

Step 1: Materials:

- Electric IMP

- Electric IMP April Breakout Boats

- PowerSwitch Tail II

- Breadboard

- Jumper Wires

- Desk Lamp

- Light Bulb

Step 2: Schematic

I used the PowerSwitch Tail II to control the power supply to the desk lamp with the Electric IMP. This is a handy relay that makes controlling a 120V power supply from a wall outlet very easy.

Step 3: The Code

There are three portions of the code. The code on the webpage, the code on the server side of the electric imp and the code on the actual device. I have attached the files to this step. Enjoy!

Step 4: See It in Action

Be sure to check out the link to the video controller and switch my desk lamp on and off!

Lamp Controller

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