Introduction: How to Load New Firmware on [BTT] Bigtreetech TFT Displays

Since the instructions are not clear, and I see so many posts asking what went wrong or what am I doing wrong, I put together this instructable to make it easy.

This firmware updating method is for the following Bigtreetech TFT LCD displays:

  • TFT24 V1.1
  • TFT28 V1.0
  • TFT35 V1.0
  • TFT35 V1.1
  • TFT35 V1.2
  • TFT35 V2.0
  • TFT35 V3.0
  • TFT43 V3.0
  • TFT50 V3.0
  • TFT70 V3.0

Thanks to Ricky Djwarp Robles & Adam Baker for allowing me to use their photos.


  1. One of the displays listed above.
  2. SD card under 8GB but not less than 1GB just to be safe.
  3. Must have a minimum of 10MB clear on the SD card.
  4. For safety sake, clear of all files and folders.

Step 1: Setting Up the Files Needed on the SD Card.

  1. Get the files from this location.
  2. Select the green download button.
  3. Select Download ZIP.
  4. Save this file where you can find it.
  5. Extract all files.
  6. Get into one of these folders;
    • Copy to SD Card root directory to update
    • Copy to SD Card root directory to update - Unified Menu Material theme
  7. Select the .bin file that matches your display-version and the display folder.
    • For example, TFT35 V3.0 would select BIGTREE_TFT35_V3.0.25.1.bin and the TFT35 folder.
  8. Copy the selected file and folder to the root of the SD card.
    • See photo for what the root of the SD card should look like.
  9. Make sure you use the eject for the SD card to ensure all files got saved before removing the SD card from your system.

Note; the TFTxx folders have the fonts (.fon) & icons (.bmp) used; if you don't copy this folder, you will not be able to read the prompts and the icons will be scrambled after the update. The reason is when flashing; the location to these files has changed, but the previous files don't start at that new location.

Step 2: Flash Your Bigtreetech TFT

  1. Make sure your screen is powered off.
  2. Insert the SD card into the TFT display.
  3. Power up and wait,
    • You will see some kind of updating status % if this doesn't happen or fails; try another SD card. I think FAT32 works the best for these displays.
    • Next, you will see the font (.fon) files updating. (if you don't see this then the folders are not correct on the SD card)
    • Last, you will see the icons (.bmp) files updating. (if you don't see this then the folders are not correct on the SD card)
  4. If the update completed, then remove the SD card.
  5. If you plan to use this SD card for printing Gcode files, then delete the .bin file; if not, then on each powerup or reset, the display will update as long as that file is in the root. No issues leaving the TFTxx folder since these files are only used when updating the firmware.