How to Mail (fake) Flowers

Introduction: How to Mail (fake) Flowers

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A quick guide on how to mail your significant other flowers where ever they may be. The flowers involved are paper, so no agriculture laws are transgressed, and they can be mailed flat. This batch was prepped by me and assembled thousands of miles away in Montreal

Disclaimer: I cannot do origami, so the flowers are very simple. I'm almost certain you can do better.

Step 1: Materials and Design

You'll need:
-coloured paper (I used foil from mint aero chocolate for leaves. It's shiny and the flowers smell like mint chocolate. you know the old chesnut about flowers or candy? here is kind of a solution that fails on two levels while meeting both criteria. how romantic!)
-green pipe cleaners
-a metal washer
-a letter envelope and a business size envelope

first, what do you want the flowers to look like? what colours will they be? I choose yellow and blue, and my two varieties are pictured below.

Step 2: Counting and Folding and Sending Away

So, now you count out how many papers you'll need. Cut the green foil into leaf shapes.

Make the folds on your pieces of paper and crease them carefully, but unfold them so they can be flat. Then, write instructions on how to complete the flower on the letter envelope, write how the flowers and leaves can be attatched to the pipe cleaners, suggest cutting the wire to different lengths, and that tying the wires to the washer will provide stability. Then put everything into the big envelope (the pipe cleaners need the space) and mail it to your desired location.

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    14 years ago on Introduction

    cool,you should post a print-out with the directions so people can just print them and mail it with the flowers.

    Velotrash Industries
    Velotrash Industries

    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    could do. the original instructions were hand-drawn. and I seriously recommend looking at the other various paper flowers on here. some of them are pretty spectacular.


    14 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! That is so romantic! I wish I had those! From: anonymous