How to Make 3D Christmas Tree Ornaments




Introduction: How to Make 3D Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Learn how to make 3D ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree.

The use of tissue paper means that the fairy lights will give your ornaments a warm glow in the middle.

You could make these ornaments as solid shapes instead of cutting out windows for the tissue paper.

I have just made it very basic for this tutorial.

You could even cut out different shapes on the cube/pyramid instead of squares or triangles. You could cut out words, stars, anything! The options are endless.


You will need:

  • Coloured Paper/card
  • Tissue paper
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • String (Link to the string I used below)
  • Ruler
  • Cutting mat
  • Scissors
  • Cutting knife

Natural Jute String:

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Step 1: Draw/print the Template

You can download and print the template directly onto your paper/card if you wish.

The size of the cube is 6cm x 6cm x 6cm. You can scale it up or down to make it larger or smaller.

The base of the pyramid is 6cm by 6cm. Again, you can scale this to size.

If you want to draw the CUBE template:

  1. Draw a 6cm wide strip that is 24cm long.
  2. Divide the strip into four 6cm squares.
  3. Draw a 6cm square on both sides of the second square to form a cross shape.
  4. Draw four 4cm squares in the three squares that go across and the one at the bottom.
  5. Draw three 1cm wide tabs around the two squares on the left and right of the cross shape.
  6. Draw a tab underneath the bottom square.

If you want to draw the PYRAMID template:

  1. Draw a 6cm square that has 6cm of space all around it
  2. Mark the middle of each line of the square
  3. With your ruler lined up with the middle, make a mark 6cm away from each side of the square
  4. Join up each corner of the square with the adjacent mark you just made to form four triangles on each side of the square.
  5. Measure 1cm in from each side of the triangle and draw a smaller triangle
  6. Draw tabs on both sides of one set of opposing triangles

Step 2: Cut Out the Template, Stick the Tissue Paper on and Assemble

Score across the lines for the tabs and the squares.

Cut out the 4cm squares or small triangles then cut out the whole template.

From the tissue paper cut out four squares/triangles that are slightly bigger than the ones you cut out of the template.

Apply glue around the window and stick the tissue paper on.

Fold along the scored lines.

Place glue on the tabs and glue the shape together to form a cube or pyramid.

Step 3: Make the Hoop for the String

Cut a small strip of card out and fold the ends to make tabs.

Bend the middle slightly so it creates a hoop shape.

Apply glue on the tabs and stick both tabs on the cube or pyramid at the top.

Thread string through the hoop and hang it up your ornament!

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