Introduction: How to Make 3D Models With Tinkercad!

Introduction: Hi my name is Bas van der Linde and i am going to learn you how to make 3D models in a free program.

for this instructible you need an account on Tinkercad I'll explain that to you later. and if you have a 3D printer you can use it too!

Step 1: How to Get Started

How to get started

the first step is creating an account on Tinkercad. you can do that by searching and click on the top right and create an account.

Step 2: How Do I Use Tinkercad? + How to Make a Snow Man

How do i use Tinkercad?

left click on the blue button to start a new project.

Now you're in the main menu you can edit your models here bye importing them with the button on the top right. ore make one of your own with more than 50 shapes. today where making a snowman. tho make to body you need 2 round spheres. click the button basic shapes and select the sphere.

when you ad more than one sphere it begins to look like an snowman. you can make the spare bigger by left clicking on it and drag the dots tho whatever side you want. to select more shapes click the button with basic shapes and select it to whatever you want.

Step 3: How Do I Upload the File to Me 3D Printer?

tho export or import a vile press the button on the top right and select export. you can also share your creation bye pressing the share button. Search the file in your documents and exort it to youre 3D printer. Have fun :)