Introduction: How to Make 4 Unique Christmas Trees

Christmas is coming soon and it's time to come up with decorations. Small handmade Christmas trees will perfectly create a festive mood and will not clutter up your space. In this instructable, I share with you my ideas on how to make 4 unique Christmas trees.

P.S. I'm tired of fighting with sites that steal my instructables regardless of the license (which is indicated in the upper left corner). Sorry but I decided to add attribution to my photos. I know it looks a little annoying, but it annoys me even more to see my works under someone else's authorship or for sale.

Step 1: Gathering the Necessary Material

You need:

green organza (piece of fabric or ribbon 8 cm wide cm and 3 m long),

steel wire 2 mm, a piece of aluminum wire,

green threads (the same color as the organza),

a needle,


a candle and matches or a lighter (to scorch the edges of organza),

a black felt-tip pen,

a piece of white paper,


fishing line (I used braided fishing line 0,55 mm),

hot glue,

a piece of cardboard,

duct tape,

a compass,

a ruler,

a pencil,





baking paper,


LED garland for decoration.

Step 2: Christmas Tree #1 „Organza Spiral”. Preparing Organza

You need organza ribbons 8 cm wide, 3 m long. If you have such organza ribbons, go to the next step. If you only have a piece of organza fabric, then you need to cut it into ribbons.

Draw lines 8 cm apart on a piece of white paper.

Place the fabric on top and use a felt-tip pen to mark the lines for cutting (mark dots) (see photo).

Cut the fabric into ribbons (see photo).

Singe a bit of the edges of the ribbons with the flame of a candle: swipe the edges quickly near the flame (see photo). Be careful not to burn the organza.

Step 3: Making Frills

Fold the organza strip in half lengthwise, insert the beads inside. Sew the first bead to the beginning of the strip (see photo).

Sew the edges of the organza, pulling together a little fabric to form a frill (see photo).

When the first strip of organza is over, sew the following stripes. If necessary, singe the edge of the fabric again with a candle.

Step 4: Adding Wire

Sew the organza frill to the wire (see photo).

Step 5: Christmas Tree Shape

Bend the wire into a spiral shape to form a cone. Start at the bottom (see photos). Make sure the wire is covered by the next frill.

Step 6: Trunk and Base

Bend the wire and pass it through the center (see photo).

Form a round support and fix the end (see photos). Check that the Christmas Tree „Organza & Beads” is stable and level.

You can make this Christmas tree without adding beads or use an LED garland instead of beads.

Step 7: Christmas Tree #2 „Fishing Line Cone”. Making Cardboard Cone

To create this Christmas Tree, I used a technique invented by me (using fishing line and hot glue).

You need a cardboard cone first.

Draw a circle and it's radius on the cardboard (with the radius slightly larger than the height of the required Christmas tree).

Cut out the circle and the radius.

Roll the cone to the desired width. Mark the joint. I took a sector with 125 degrees (radius 13 cm). Cut out this sector.

Tape the outside surface of the cone with duct tape (see photo).

Roll up the cone and fix it using duct tape (see photo).

Cut a circle slightly smaller than the circle at the base of the cone out of 3-layer cardboard (see photo).

Paste this circle inside the cone and glue with hot glue (see photo). This circle will help the cone keep its shape.

Step 8: Preparing the Cone

Wrap the cone in foil.

Stick the pins and toothpicks in, spreading them evenly over the surface of the cone.

Step 9: Adding Fishing Line

Wind the fishing line around the cone in different directions (the pins will help you change the direction of the winding). Tie the ends of the line to the pins.

Step 10: Adding Hot Glue

Squeeze out little drops of hot glue on the fishing line, especially on crosses. Try to distribute the droplets evenly over the surface of the cone.

Let the glue harden well.

Step 11: Final Details

Remove the pins, toothpicks and add drops of glue where they were stuck. Let the glue harden well.

Remove carboard cone.

Remove foil.

You can make this Christmas Tree using colored hot glue.

Step 12: Christmas Tree #3: „Organza Cone”. Making Frills

Prepare organza as in step 2.

Then sew the edges of the organza, pulling together a little fabric to form a frill (see photo)

Step 13: Cone

Use cardboard cone made in step 7.

Wrap the cone in baking paper (see photo).

Apply 8 strips of hot glue along the sides of the cone (see photo).

Step 14: Gluing Organza Frills

Glue the organza frills in a spiral: first apply a small strip of glue, then quickly add the frills (press a bit).

Step 15: Final Details

Remove the cone.

Gently remove the baking paper.

You can add beads inside frill as in step 3 or decorate the finished Christmas tree with beads.

Step 16: Christmas Tree #4 „Tiered Cone”. First Level

Make the Christmas Tree #2 „Fishing Line Cone”(steps 7-11), but string beads on the fishing line before winding the line and use colored hot glue.

Step 17: Second Level

Divide the cone into 4 parts.

For the second level of this Christmas tree wrap only 3/4 of the cone (use the pins to make a bottom edge).

Step 18: Assembling

Connect the parts with hot glue.

Step 19: Final Details and Enjoying the Work Done

Put inside the Christmas trees LED garlands and enjoy the work done.

LED garlands look amazing inside Christmas trees made of fishing line and hot glue.

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