Introduction: How to Make a Handy Munchie Bowl for Your Car!

Lets just say that you got a bunch of snacks from your ordinary convenience store... Lets just say you got a few packs of Chips and Nuts... Well how are you going to eat them if you are driving trying to get a snack out of bag is kind of cumbersome also to add very dangerous when driving!

Well with a few items needed you can easily make this Munchie Bowl

Step 1: Get Your Items!

1. Get a 355ml or 350ml aluminum can
2. Get a paper bowl
3. Use any duct tape around the house. (Scotch Tough Duct Tape Recommend) for strength
4. Something Small but Heavy to fit into the can's hole

Step 2: Building the Munchie Bowl

1. Make sure you have all Building Materials before starting
2. Grab your 355ml or 350ml can and empty it or drink all of the contents
3. Add your weight to prevent tip over when adding your snacks into the bowl
4. Place your "Paper Bowl on top of the can
5. Make strips of the Duct Tape long enough that it can reach the paper bowl and the bottom of the can

Last but not least! Add your snacks to your newly made Munchie Bowl

*The Gray Colored Part Indicates the length that you should use for building the munchie bowl*

Step 3: Finished

I hope you have learned how to make a handy munchie bowl for the people that are always on the go...

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