How to Make a Head of Peppa

Introduction: How to Make a Head of Peppa

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Was 2015 carnival, i was 16 years old, and the peppa pig (the child cartoon from nickelondion) it was a success, so i made this mask.

I have made this mask without measures, but i can show how i made it!!!

Step 1: Helmet

I used an old bicycle helmet, they are not so expensive and has the ideal size.

I have not used the helmet like this in the picture, used it reversed because the position was better.

Step 2: Structure

Step 3: Cutting and Pasting

if you use a very large cardboard neck, you can not move your head. look at what height is comfortable and cutting.

Step 4: Ending!

Now just paint! Use as a reference the colors of pepa and don't forget to get around with darker colors: the ears, mouth, nose and eyes

Let dry and ready! your head Peppa is ready!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I've never heard of peppa before. But the head looks great!


    Reply 7 years ago

    is a cartoon for children, called Peppa pig , I did for carnival :P