Introduction: How to Make Acnl Custom Designs

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hello all, in this tutorial i'll show you how to make cute little custom designs for your acnl town :3

Step 1: Getting Started // Choosing an Image

ok, to get started you need to choose a image that suits you, remember nothing too complex or with too many colours as with acnl you're limited to 15 per design! i'll be using this wood design.

Step 2: Going to the Website

once you have decided on a design you like go to this website -

your screen should look something like the above ^

Step 3: Selecting Your Image // Starting the Design

i normally put in the image url, so that's what i'll do for this tutorial. now you want to copy and paste the url of the image into the little box and hit the 'load image' box. your image should pop up after a while. after that hit the 'auto-resize' box, and some confusing options will pop up, now i've never had to use these so i suggest keeping them as defaults. then hit the 'convert' button and it will sort the image out for you!

Step 4: Creating Your Design

this is the most boring part in the entire design process, now go on to acnl an fill out your grid with all the boxes provided, this will take a lot of time, but it's worth it for a super cute design :3

Step 5: All Done

now you will have a cute little design for your acnl game!

thank you for following this tutorial, please share for more tutorials!

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