How to Make Advent Calendar

Introduction: How to Make Advent Calendar

Let`s do something with wood.

Step 1:

Your girlfriend should challenge you to build an advent calendar ( ) on rules like it have to be custom and it's indispensable it have to glow.

Now you think about it, tell her "challenge accepted" and go to build something.

Step 2: Go to Build Something

for this project you need:

2 pieces of wood, more or less 200cmx19cmx2.2cm

1 piece of wood for the star 30cm x 30 cm x 2cm

2 laths by 100cm x 5cm 2.5cm

18 wood screws 4x40mm

8 wood screws 4x60mm

5 6mm threaded rods or some similar

24 acrylic fillable balls in 2 or 3 sizes

1 uv-led-strip with power supply and maybe a switch

1 cord

24 pieces of paper

Step 3: First Cuts

cut the planks into pieces. each plank = 5 times 39cm x 19cm

Step 4: A View Screws

let´s screw the parts together like in the picture.

Step 5: More Screws

now we need the laths.

same as the last step, let`s bring the parts together like in the pictures.

Step 6: Lets Make a Star

in the pictures you can see the 30cm pies. let's draw a star on it and saw it out.

Step 7: Colorfull?

if you want, now is the time for paint the parts.

Step 8: Bring Things Together

we need a 6mm drill.

drill some holes for the threaded rods. attention, do not drill at the center. we need space there for the led strip.

before we insert the threaded rods, let's attach the led strip. glue it in the middle inside and shorten the led stripe.

ok, there are some threaded rods and a star. look at the picture, you know what is to do.

Step 9: Inside

a cord and the acrylic balls play a big role here. randomly distribute the acrylic balls and tie them to the threaded rods with the cord.

and now test it.

Step 10: Fill It

wrap little goodies in white paper and fill the acrylic ball with them.

only one thing left to do.

Step 11: Make Someone Smile

put the advent calendar in your living room and turn it on.
call your girlfriend, see her smile and win the battle.

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    4 weeks ago

    Nice job using Fusion 360 on this :)


    Reply 14 days ago

    jup, for the first time and just for the instructable in this project. i actually use blender, but am trying to switch to fusion 360 for some projects.