Introduction: How to Make Air Cooler With Cold Water

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How to make air cooler with cold water at home with old cpu liquid cooler and 6v water pump. Easy and fast to make project that can cool air in hot summer days. It is portable, it runs on battery and will cool the air as long as the water inside is cold. It can also be used as car ac alternative.

Step 1: Materials

CPU liquid cooler

Ice chest

PVC Water Hose Pipe

Small water pump

Step 2: Production

Remove the radiator from the cpu liquid cooler and attach the pvc water pipe to it using aquarium silicone, the water must travel thru the radiator. We cannot use the water pump from this model of liquid cooler because we cannot attach the hose to it. On other cpu liquid collers the water pump can be used because they have hose connectors.

Attach the water pump to the hose

Cut holes in the icechest lid for the cpu liquid cooler and the air inlet and outlet

.Use screws to attach the pieces and insulating material as you can see in the pictures

The cpu cooler fan need 12v, the battery can deliver only 5v, it is ok for the 6v water pump but a DC-DC booster must be added to raise the current to 12v for the fan

Step 3: Result

Connect the battery and turn it on.

Use cold water and ice to make it more efficient