Introduction: How to Make Air Cooler

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Making air cooler is easy and simple project with basic tools this small air cooler can lower the temperature upto 3 to 4 degrees ,if you like this tutorial please like share and vote and if you don't understand something please watch the video.

Step 1: Things Needed

Thermocol Sheet

2 piece of 10'' x 11''

2 piece of 9'' x 11''

2 piece of 9'' x 7''

Plastic tub

Aluminium Piece 4'' x 10 ''

12v supply

12v cpu fan


Step 2:

Make a square box from the thermocol sheet by putting the bowl in center with hot glue

Cover the bottom with 10'' x 11'' piece

Step 3:

Mark the fan size on 10'' x 11'' piece and cut it out

place the fan in the hole and put hot glue around it

joint the wire with switch by 12v supply

Hot glue the connection

Step 4:

Make a hole with 5 inches round cutter

place aluminum piece making a circle and joint it with hot glue

Our air cooler is ready don't forget to vote and watch the video :)