Introduction: How to Make Amazing Egg Avengers

With the Golden Age of Comic Book Cinematic universes upon us and Easter season right around the corner I wanted to show my appreciation for Superhero characters.

This Instructables project is a great way for you to learn how to create Amazing characters out of eggs for either your personal appreciation or to make a beautiful Easter eggs.This is sure to make any Avengers fan young and old ecstatic with joy(❂◡❂)at first sight so I hope you have fun creating your ownEGG AVENGERS (>‿◠)✌

Step 1: What You Need

First instructionators(You) you will need to gather your materials.I am a big recycler so I used ALL recycled materials to complete this project most of the materials listed can be found around your house

and they are;

  • 3 Eggs (One for every superhero character)
  • Cardboard
  • Doll Eyes

-Two 5mm/ 0.19in doll eye (For Cap’ and Thor)

-One larger 1.3cm/0.5in doll eye (For Hulk)

  • Cotton fluffing from stuffed toy or Cotton balls
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Aluminum can
  • Aluminum foil
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint brush and paint tray

That's all you need❂◡❂

Step 2: Design Sketches

To start I did a rough sketch of exactly what I envisioned to create and what the finished product might look like. Sketching your design is a very important step as it helps you know exactly what you will do with the materials and the dimensions of those designs.

For reference the eggs I used are Medium Grade AA which is about 6cm/2.3in in height also, more Information about the individual Egg Avengers measurements can be found in lower steps.

Step 3: Hollowing the Eggs

For this step we will need to hollow out the egg the reason for this is because you will be filling the eggs with cotton later on. Use the video as reference.

I make a small crack in the egg for the yolk to pour out of. The egg yolk can take quite some time to come out on its own so I use the handle of my spoon to gently force air in the egg to displace the yolk faster. It is crucial that you be very careful when handling the egg because an empty egg is VERY FRAGILE and will break easily.

  • The drained egg contents can be cooked and eaten to prevent food wastage.

After completely hollowing out the egg rinse it out with a little bit of water to completely remove the egg juice because you don't want it rotting inside your hero.

Step 4: Hulk's Eye

Hulk needs a unique eye just black won't do so we have to paint the edges of the biggest doll eye green. To make it look realistic horizontally from the edge of the eye to the middle but leave the center black

Step 5: Chicklet Beaks

To make the beaks of our Egg Avengers chiclets trace a small diamond shape in the cardboard don't make the drawing to small. After tracing we will then cut out the dimond out and fold it. When folding make one end of the beak longer than the other like a real chicken beak the shorter end will be the bottom beak. To finish our chiklet beak wrap the cardboard beak and paint the outside Orange and the inside black.

Because Hulk is bigger than the other superheros I made his beak bigger than theirs just like I did with the eyes.

Step 6: Assemblage N' More

After the eggs are clean and dried pour glue into the eggs to give the cotton fluff something to stick to in the egg. Then stuff cotton into the egg leave a few puff of cotton sticking out of the egg crack this will serve as the face later. The face should be big enough for the eye and beak to be glued on next.

Before painting glue the eye and beak to the cotton face then paint the cotton face make sure not to get paint on the eye or beak.

After that we are almost done just add the special touches to the Heroes like Mjölnir, Winglets, and power circles for Egg Thor and Captain America "A" and Star.

Step 7: Captain's Shield

With the Aluminum can cut out the bottom raised circular part like in the picture above. Smooth out the edges if needed they can be sharp.Turn the piece we have just cut out over to the shiny bulging side this is the side we will paint.

Exactly like the real Captain America's Shield paint the outer edge of the front face red -then skip a level -then red again -then finally paint blue with a star ✯ outline in the middle of the shield.

Step 8: Mjölnir

To make the magical hammer start by cutting 4 identical rectangles 1.5cm in height and 3cm in length.Glue the rectangles together to form a rectangular prism when the glue has dried then glue foil around the prism to completely cover it in foil.

After that cut out 3 column pece of cardboard they should be 1cm wide and 3 cm long when finished they will serve as Mjölnire's handle. Glueing the pieces together and wait till it's dried then glue aluminum around the pieces.

Next glue the handle to the rectangular prism. I used Super glue to save time but it is optional

Paint the handle brown like the real hammer and your done(>‿◠)✌

Step 9: ✯Egg Avengers Assemble✯

Now with the knowledge you have learned you can make any character into an Egg chiclet following these steps.

Either place your Egg Avengers on the top shelf of your comic book case for the world to Marvel at or give it to a happy kid on easter. Thank You and Good Luck!✌ (◠‿◠)✌

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