Introduction: How to Make an Altoid Can Belt Buckle

Look curiously fresh with this Originally Celebrated belt buckle. Easy to make, and then look great.

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Step 1: Get an Altoid Can!

It's as simple as that. Enjoy the Altoids inside and then prepare for the surgery.

In the picture, there is my Altoids can belt buckle with my duct tape belt inside.

Step 2: Make the Cuts and Sand It Down

You want to make three cuts:

2 on the back to loop the belt through
1 on the side, whichever side you put the rest of the belt to

So crack out your Dremel with the cutting tool and get working.

If you really feel the need for perfection, or if you need a certain belt size, you can measure it out and draw guide lines on the back prior to cutting. But be careful --- Dremels are dangerous and watch out for sparks. Wear eye gear and gloves when using the Dremel.

After the cuts are made, put on the sanding head and smooth out those cuts. You don't want to ruin your belt on a jagged edge or cut yourself.

Step 3: Get a Belt, Loop It Through, and Head Out

That's all you need to know.

I made a duct tape belt with duct tape and one of those clips that are on your backpack and fall off within 2 days of your use of it. It fits snugly inside the can for easy transportation and looks cool.

Have fun making this.

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