How to Make an EMP Generator Without Using Camera Circuit

Introduction: How to Make an EMP Generator Without Using Camera Circuit

Here u will get to know how to make and emp generator but unlike all others without using any camera circuit

plus be sure to be safe and take cautions during process i am not responsible for any mishap that happens to any body during the process

But I wish you safe luck !

Let continue.

Step 1: Ill Post Full Making in One Step :)

This Question was revolving around my mind too when i was trying to make an EMP Generator, As sometimes and in some countries cameras are not that easily available and cheap as in other countries, So in the process i came across a method that will make u an Emp Generator For About 600-700 Rs .

So lets Start : ( its just a small scale model not a big bomb or something )

Refer to these Images as we proceed so it will help to understand more clearly

Things u Will Need :

1st : A cardboard base or a wood base or any base excluding any metal base.

2nd : a capacitor of minimum 330v and about 170 - 180 uF.

3rd : about 7 meter copper wire with enamel coating on it ( using thin wire but not very thin)

4th : a switch that can handle high voltage.

5th : now this is tricky one people will tell u to opt battery's to charge the Emp Circuit of camera but as here we are not using it the batteries if used will drain out very quickly in about 2 uses and that will be a waste so i recommend using a battery eliminator or else use a charger with at least supply of 5v or higher ( we need dc supply )

6th : This part is our heart as we are not using camera we need something to charge a 330v capacitor so the thing we will use to step up DC voltage is known as : " Boost Converter" as dc cannot be step up using a step up transformer we need this circuit to do it.Ok now when u have gathered these par u are half way there.

Now we will begin the assembly :

step one:Cut your base accordingly to place all items.

step two:Use copper wire to create an induction coil about 4cm in radius or simply just wind it around a coke or other can. plus keep sufiicient wire left at both sides for later use.

Step three :Take 4 match sticks and remove the firing part of it.and stick them to your copper coil making a table like structure.

Step four :sold the output wire of boost converter to the capacitor keeping in mind u sold -ve to -ve and +ve to +ve terminal

step five :using sand paper file off the enamel coating and ends of copper wire we left out during step two.

step six : now put all part accordingly on your base sheet now sold one end of your copper wire from the part where you filed of the enamel coating to positive terminal of capacitor and for the second end place it inside one of the port of switch you are using also the part you place in switch should have enamel coating removed

step seven : take a copper wire of suitable length and then remove enamel coating from both the end of then place one end inside switch port and sold the other one to the -ve terminal of capacitorDang u have almost completed the project now as told u made a table like structure from copper coil stick that too on the base so it will look like four pillared table with a hole in all center :)

now all u need to do it attach the input part of your battery eliminator or the charger u are using to supply at least 5v Dc current into the Boost Converter keep n mind to keep the terminals connected to +ve to +ve and -v to -ve. Or you will destroy the circuit.

Charge your capacitor using it for few about 10 sec then turn off the charger place any calculator on stand and turn on and off the switch

[ I am not responsible for any mishap and any other thing that happen to you or any body during the process or other things ] .

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    Question 2 years ago

    how does it turn into the emp grenade


    Question 4 years ago on Introduction

    Would you mind telling the specifications of the boost converter..??


    4 years ago

    hey bro i just wanna ask some thing that how much range it has and how can we increase it and pls assure me that it really works so that i could make it for my science exhibition and pls be a bro and give me some more ideas on it


    5 years ago

    Does it really work??????????


    6 years ago

    Hey, great pics, what voltage and current does the boost up put it to. so the output to the capacitor in other words? thanks.


    Reply 6 years ago

    thanks olly, the boost converter varies in power conversion, here i used a 330v capacitor (recommended) so i get a boost converter that can boost upto 330v so the capacitor works at max power. If any thing else then ask : )