Introduction: How to Make Any Outfit Go From Ordinary to Remarkable

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Easy and fun DIY to elevate any outfit from ordinary to remarkable.

Step 1:

This is an easy DIY that is sure to impress 1.Go to your favorite craft store or if you have a daughter who used to wear embellished headbands; that she has now outgrown, take them and remove from them what looks pretty and feels pretty to you. If you go to your craft store find flowers fabric flowers and get about 5 or 7 depending on their size. You want to get colors that speak to you and make you say "wow". If you are using embellishments from your daughter's headbands, as I did, they should ideally all be of the same thing (in my example flowers). It could be pretty if there is one item in the group that is not a flower but be careful as this could have less of a positive impact in the overall look of your DIY. 2. Buy a small piece felt fabric (about 5inches by 5 inches max). Felt should be in a color that is the same or close to whatever you will be applying your DIY to (purse, shirt, jacket, jeans...etc.).

Step 2:

Group together the flowers in an order that feels good to you that makes you happy. Attach each flower, one by one to the felt. Flowers should be close to each other, you do not want gaps. You want a nice cluster. Once all flowers have been attached flip and if needed make discrete stitches attaching the petals of the flowers to the adjacent flowers to prevent from seeing felt underneath. Note: felt should not be seen cut excess so only flowers are seen when right side up.

Step 3: Now take your creation and attach it to whatever you like, to make any outfit go from ordinary to remarkable. You can glue it, sow it or have it sown by a professional. Enjoy feeling fabulous! This project can even be used for a Day of the Dead, Dia de Los Muertos costume