How to Make Any Pixel Drawing Into a Pop Up Card




Introduction: How to Make Any Pixel Drawing Into a Pop Up Card

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If you need to give a gift so to someone geeky, you must make this pixel pop up card.
I saw on Pinterest a heart shaped pixel pop up card that I Ioved, but I had the feeling that the receiver wasn't exactly going to love a card with a heart. So I started experimenting with other pixel designs until I finally cracked the code, to make any pixel art into a pop up card.

I'll prove that you don't have to be artistic to make a card from scratch. Or an expert in geometry to make a pop up card.

If you want to impress someone who knows arts and crafts is not your strongest ability, with this instructable, and a little bit of patience you'll achieve it.

This instructable covers everything you should know to make any pixel art into a pop up card. So let's get started!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials


X-acto knife

Ruler or an old credit card


Step 2: Make the Design

Begin by making the design. In Pinterest or google search the design you want. You can either print it out or replicate it in your card. There are thousands of pixel drawings to choose from, and to make the selection even bigger, search for cross stitch designs or perler beads designs, they are designs in a greed so they will work too.

For this example I took an image I liked and replicate it. To do so, grab a paper from a notebook, of it already has a greed that's better. If it has only lines complete the greed adding vertical lines.

Then replicate the drawing.

Cut it out and it's ready to be drawn now in the card.

Step 3: Make the Card

Begin by drawing a horizontal line in the middle.

Place your drawing slightly above the middle line. The measure between the middle line and the top of you're design will determine how much the image will pop up. Once you've drawn the outline (or glued the pixel image you printed), measure exactly how much is the distance between the middle line and the top of your drawing. Mine is 3/4 inch.

At every pixel at the bottom, draw vertical lines that are exactly that same measure (in my case 3/4 in)

At this point I finished my drawing coloring it.

Step 4: Cut

Now with the exacto knife cut all the vertical lines of the outline and the last ones you drew. Cut everything that's above the middle line but don't cut the top horizontal line.

Step 5: Fold It.

Now the middle line will show you where to fold the part of the card that's without drawing.
Fold it and the pixel image will pop up.

Finally write something at the top and that's it!

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5 years ago

This is amazing! I always tried to make pop-up cards and I always failed miserably, maybe this will change that! Thank you! Definitely trying one of these when the next birthday approaches.


5 years ago

Hey, that's brilliant; thank you. I also learned what a scalpel is called in America! Voted....