How to Make Arduino Video Game

Introduction: How to Make Arduino Video Game

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In this instructable, you are going to learn how to make a simple video game using Arduino. It will be best hobby projects for children.

Lets get started...

Step 1: Components Required

Arduino Nano [ Amazon India / Gearbest ]

16x2 LCD [ Amazon India / Gearbest ]

Female Header Pins [ Amazon India / Gearbest ]

Tactile switch [ Amazon India / Gearbest ]

1K Ohm Resistor [ Amazon India / Gearbest ]

10K Ohm trimmer Resistor [ Amazon India / Gearbest ]

PCB [ Amazon India / Gearbest ]


Soldering Iron [ Amazon India / Gearbest ]

Step 2: Circuit

This is the simple circuit you can build either on breadboard or PCB.

If you want to make this on custom PCB, download the Gerber file attached.

Here 16x2 LCD is connected to Arduino nano and 10k trimmer resistor is used to adjust the brightness of the LCD display.

The tactile switch is used to control the game, this for jump action in the game.

When you press the switch, the runner in the game jumps to avoid hitting the obstacle in the path.

Step 3: Building

You can see my PCB traces and it is easy to understand while making.

1. Solder the 1K Resistor

2. Solder header pins for Arduino Nano

3. Solder Header pins for 16x2 LCD display

4. Solder Tactile switch

5. Solder 10K variable resistor

6. Insert LCD display at its location

7. Insert the Arduino Nano at its location.

8. Upload the code

9. Reset the Arduino nano.

10. Start Playing...

Step 4: Arduino Code

Download the Arduino Code

After completing the circuit construction, just upload the code to Arduino nano.

If you face any problem while uploading code, just change it to the old bootloader in IDE.

Step 5: Watch Video : Complete Construction and Testing

Watch this video before making, so that you can understand clearly then there will be no problem while making.

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