Introduction: How to Make Art

"...the state of affairs in the artistic world is always a relation between something like our experimentation of chaotic sensibility in general, and the distinction, which is a moving distinction, between form and inform, or something like that." - Alain Badiou, The Subject of Art

The implications of our contemporary era for form are dizzying. The development of new forms is infinite. 

Lets look at a process and see how you find your own way to "do art".

Step 1: Sense and Sensibility

Pick one or any combination thereof: 

A. visual
B. auditory
C. tactual
D. gustatory/olfactory
E. other

What do you have to use?
What makes sense to use? What doesn't make sense to use? Why not, you sure? Okay.

Example: (Resources) 
- A few weeks worth of 6-12 people's plastic recyclables. 
- Gloss Medium
- A decent drawing of a fit male butt
- A butane pen torch
- Fruit
- A sturdy stained and un-stretched canvas

It is important not to simply fall into the mindset of fighting established formal forms. The key is experimenting and sort of hoping something will happen.

NEXT) Is Something Happening?

Step 2: Is Something Happening?

Look at your resources and your ideas.
Experiment. Experiment.

Lets make some art.
Example 1) Trial By Fire

- I have plastic bottles, plastic containers, lots of plastic. They have been tossed into boxes by the refrigerator. 
- This is not Art, I will remove them and put them outside. I put them on the deck, I arrange them consciously/unconsciously. I look at my arrangement/sculptural formation.
- Awesome, I created a novel form. I am so not satisfied. I find my butane pen torch. I put down my sturdy stained and un-stretched canvas. I begin experimenting with how different things melt. Fire makes making radically new forms a speedy process. I have melted plastic bottles, plastic containers, lots of plastic. I grab a tomato and try to melt a 32 oz. V8 juice bottle around it. I manage to contain the tomato reasonably well. Awesome. I melt some bottles together, apologizing to the ozone before
-Wow all this smoldering plastic left unscorched areas on my canvas like simple stencils!
Drawing with fire! awesome! I experiment with using the melted plastic as stencils for a bit before looking back at my resources for further inspiration. 


Step 3: Art Begets Art

As you work with your art, see how your forms transform 

In Step 2 I played with fire. I had bottles and containers, then I had a sculpture. I had a sculpture, then I had a bunch of little noxious, smoldering sculptures. One became an ironic tomato enclosure which was torched to oblivion becoming a stencil. The canvas stayed a canvass but had its form and function nevertheless dramatically altered. 

I went ahead and experimented with using gloss medium on my decent drawing of a fit male butt, and subsequently torching it as well. I liked my drawing as a traditional graphite and charcoal drawing, but appreciate the fearless pursuit more than the sketch.   

That being said, be fearless in your pursuit of Art. Play with form and build up and up, even if you're burning something down. Thanks.

Step 4: Also, I Made Ashtrays!

Behold, lovely ashtrays made from empty wine bottles!
The technique was gleaned from nepheron, right here on instructables!