Introduction: How to Make Artificial Rock Aquarium |Sunset Diorama Aquarium | Aquascape Aquarium

I tried to make a different style aquarium . I made the rocks with foam & cement which is lighter & hard too. These type of rocks are best for aquarium & water also. I tried to make sunset look in my diorama aquarium .

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Step 1: Preparation of Rock

For the making of my Aquarium i used different style of rocks .For this i used foam and make the rock. I took different pieces of foam and stick them with rubber adhesive .It looks like small rocks now I got the required shape.

Step 2: First Layer

Now I apply white cement on the rocks .Cover all the sides with cement and leave them for dry.

Step 3: Second Layer

After dry the first layer ,now I mixed white cement and black cement powder color. Make the thick paste ,now apply on the rock. Cover all the sides and leave them for dry.

Step 4: Heavy Base

For the base I used screws in the bottom of the rocks and cover all the screws with the mixture of cement , sand & gravel, now the base is heavy . If I did't use screws and cement mixture my rocks will float in water. Leave them for dry about 24 hours. Again apply black spray color because i need dark color and it gives the hardness to the rocks. Now again i applied another thick coat of cement mixture on the rock. leave it for dry . After dry the third layer ,I got the required color and thickness.White cement is best for shading them ,let them dry its ready.

Step 5: Artificial Grass

Grass can enhance the beauty of any diorama so I used artificial grass to enhanced my rocks . Cut few parts and stick them with silicon. After the pasting closed all the edges with the help of cement. Rocks are ready for fixing.

Step 6: Fixing in Aquarium

With the help of silicon fix all the rocks in Aquarium one by one .For the plants I used artificial hedge panel in the base and fix few plants in it.Put black gravel in it .Now fill the Aquarium with water and leave the water for 24 hours. Now drain all the water and again fill the water in it, leave for 24 hours ,because the smell of color and small particles of cement also released in water.Again drain the water & clean it . Again fill the water ,now you can put fish in it.

Step 7:

Step 8: Final Pics

Here is my beautiful Aquarium ,its ready for display .I hope you like the video ,press thumbs up button ,share, comment and also subscribe .

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