Introduction: How to Make Automatic Night Light

Hi guys I am Manjushree from Jp nagar Nook. Today I and my partner Nikitha will show you how to make Automatic Night Light

Pr\oject taken by you tube Materials; 1.Transistor BC547 2.Smaler L D R 3.150K Reristor 4.3 Volt L E D 5. 3.7 Volt batery 6. Crocotile Chipe 7. Soldering

Step 1: Transistor BC547

Fist we should take a Transistor BC547 we should fold in to a two side

Step 2: Small L D R

We should take small L D R and we should foldin to one side

Step 3: Saldering

We should saldering to Transistor to L D R to medel of the side and we should saldering rigst side of the transistor

Step 4: 150K Reristor and Saldring

We should take Transistor saldring to side of the medel of the side and we should saldring side of the left sid

Step 5: 3 Vold LED and Saldring

WE should take a 3 vold LDR light we should saldring to side of the transistor lift side

Step 6: Conection for Crocotile Chipe Batery

We should take a crocotile chipe to conection for bater

Step 7: Conection for Croctile Chipe to Transistor and Light

We should give conection croctile clip for black clip for transistor we should conect red clip for light

Step 8:

Step 9: Small L D R

We should take a small L D R we should fold one side of L D R

Step 10: Saldring