Introduction: How to Make Automatic Sanitizer Spray Machine

Hi Friends, In this instructibles, I will tell you how to make an simple and cheap automatic sprayer machiner at home for your disinfectant tunnel. I hope, You will enjoy this article and this article will help you a lot to make that tunnel. If you like the project then check out my channel by clicking on this link:- So, here's the list of all the components used in this project


1. 1 x 12 volt submersible water pump.

2. 1 x Arduino Nano.

3. 1 x Ultrasonic Sensor.

4. 1x Bc547 npn transistor.

5. 1x12 volt relay switch.

6. 1 x 2 pin terminal connector.

7. 1 x 12 volt charger jack connector.

8. 1 x Empty Plastic Can/Box for disinfectant spray.

9. 1 x 12 volt 2 amp charger.

10. 1 x 220 ohm resistor.

11. 1 x 7805 voltage regulator.

12. 1 x mist nozzle.

Now just take all the components and start soldering all the components on zero pcb and solder them all according to this schematic diagram. Also, I have designed a pcb for you to save your Precious time. So, you can etch the pcb and make your project easy and time saving.

Step 1: Making the Circuit

First of all, You have to make the circuit for this project. I have provided the circuit diagram and also breadboard connections for this circuit. So, you can make your own circuit. I have also provided the pcb pdf files and the pcb gerber files for this circuit so, you can save your time from all that messy soldering job,

Here's the circuit diagram and breadboard connections.

Also here is the grbl file for pcb fabrication and also pdf files for self pcb etching.

Step 2: Programing the Arduino

Just install the Arduino IDE and install it. Then just open the Arduino IDE software and download the .ino Code file for Arduino IDE from the given link below

Just download it and open in Arduino IDE and select your Arduino board and right Com Port

and upload the code in it and your Project is Ready to test.

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