Introduction: How to Make Balaclava

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Step by step instructions plus pro TIPS! With video tutorial incase you get stuck along the way.

Step 1: Video Instructions

Here is the video. Feel free to check it out if you get stuck.

Step 2: Supply List

-LINK to Pattern:

-LINK to Fabric:

-LINK to Sewing machine Singer 4423:

-LINK to Serger(Recommended for construction):

-LINK to Eyelet Kit:

Step 3: Pattern Assembly​

-Print out the pattern.

-Tape the pattern together following the key.

(TIP: Feel free adjust the pattern for size. The bigger you make it. The bigger the hood will be! It is fun to custom it and make it your own custom fit!)

Step 4: Tracing and Cutting


-Place the hood on the fabric. Trace and cut. You will want TWO full hood pieces.


-Place the neck on the fold. Trace and cut. You will want ONE full neck piece.


-Place the inside neck on the fold. Trace and cut. You will want ONE full inside neck piece.

(TIP: This is the stage for adjusting the size. If you want the hood bigger. Extend the front edge for more of a wrapped look. Extend the top for more of a baggy look. The Neck can be adjusted for a longer look. Extend the height and it will drop further down your shoulders. The Inside Neck height can also be adjusted. Extend the height to make the inside neck line go further up your face.)

Step 5: Sewing the Hood

-Place the right side together.

-Sew around the outside curved edge.

-Zig zag stitch all of the raw edges. This will add for a serged look if you do not have a serger.

(TIP: If you are using a domestic machine. Switch the machine to ZIG ZAG stitch. This will help with the stretch of the fleece. Helps to prevent the thread from snapping.)

(TIP: Stitch exactly on the edge. This will make the garment look professional made on the inside by covering up the raw edge.)

(TIP: We highly recommend using a serger. Sergers are great for getting a clean cut edge and knit fabrics.)

Step 6: Adding Eyelet to Hood

-Measure wear you want the eyelet to set.

-Mark on both sides of the hood.

-Cut holes.

-Place eyelet in hole.

-Add backing.

-Use eyelet tool and hammer to set in place.

(TIP: Keep in mind the hem of the front edge. This will help you determine where to place the eyelet. You will want to set it in deep enough so you can easily thread the cord though the hem.)

(TIP: Use bigger eyelets. This makes the over all product looking more quality and easier to use.)

Step 7: Hemming Hood

-Roll the front edge of the hood over past the eyelet.

-Straight stitch the along the edge.

(TIP: Roll the hem further then you think. This will help you easily sew past the eyelet.)

(TIP: Test out longer stitch lengths for different looks.)

Step 8: Sewing Neck

-Place the right sides together.

-Zig Zag stitch along the back edge.

(TIP: Using a zig zag stitch will help prevent the thread from snapping if the garment is stretched.)

Step 9: Hemming Neck

-Start by zig zag stitching the raw edge.

-Roll the edge over .25 inches and straight stitch all the way around the bottom.

(TIP: Use different types of decorative stitches for designer looks. The Zig zag stitch makes for a cool finish! Get creative and have fun with it!)

Step 10: Sewing Inside Neck

-Place right sides together.

-Sew along back edge with a zig zag stitch.

-Fold over with wrong sides touching. This will show the true height of the inside neck.

(TIP: Adjusting the height will give you a different look. The taller you make it, the higher it will set on your face. the pattern is designed to fall around your nose so keep that in mind when you are making adjustments.)

Step 11: Pinning Together

-Start by pinning the right side of the hood to the right side of the neck.

(TIP: line up the back seams to make it more aligned.)

(TIP: Do not over pin. We find it is best to use three pins. One in the back and one on each side of the front hood edges. keep in mind that the hood edges will not touch in front. There will be a gap. This is to allow space to see the inside neck. You can always extent the front of the hood if you are going to the connected look.)

-When you have the hood pined to the neck. Take the inside neck and place over the hood.

(TIP: Use the inside neck seam as a guide. Line it up with the other two seams.)

Step 12: Sew Together

-Set the machine to straight stitch and sew around entire edge.

(TIP: Sew it twice for extra strength. This is helpful when you are sewing multiple layers of fabric.)

-Pull right side out.

Step 13: Treading Cord

-Take a safety pin to the end of the cord.

-Lock into position and feed it through the eyelet.

-Work it around the hem and out the other eyelet.

(TIP: Use bigger eyelets for easier threading. Most cord is fairly thick and can be hard to thread through smaller eyelets.)

(TIP: Use a strong safety pin. Sometimes weak safety pins will pop open and you will have to restart. Strong safety pins will save you from a headache.)

Step 14: Adding Cord Stops

-Feed the cord through cord stops.

-Tie a knot and you are all done!

(TIP: Use tape to make the end of the cord more narrow and easier to thread through the cord stops.)

(TIP: Cord stops come in all different shapes and sizes. Get creative and test them all out for ultimate customization!)

Step 15: Balaclava Is Complete​!

Thank you so much for reading our instructable! If you get stuck be sure to peek at the video for help! We will be adding more instructables in the future!

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