Introduction: How to Make Ballistic Gel : the 15 Minute Way

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If there is one important material for evil geniuses, it's ballistic gel. This gel is the perfect copy of human flesh. It has the exact same weight, resistance, everything. Its easy to make, can be made in 45 minutes (counting refrigeration), and is great for testing guns. Ballistic gel is 100% gelatin, the same white stuff used for candy. Myth busters use this often for gun shoot tests. This isn't the myth busters recipe but an easier version.

Step 1: What You Need

 You need almost nothing for this project :
-sheets of gelatin x8
-small spoon x1
-scissors x1
-cup x1
You can't see my gelatin but in the bottom center .

Step 2: Making the Mix

 First, cut the gelatin up into the cup. It should fill the hole cup to the top with gelatin. Then pour some cold water in the cup and stir your gelatin till it dissolves. then pour the cold water out and put some water in. Continue stirring till your gel totally melted. Put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes. 

Step 3: Finishing Touches

 After 30 minutes, take out your cup of the freezer. Pour some hot water in the cup and swish it around
for about 30 seconds. Pour the hot water out right away. Take your spoon that you stirred with and use it to ply the ballistic gel out of the cup. You have now your very own ballistic gel .