Introduction: How to Make Banana Ice Cream on a Pre-cooled Tile

This is a very simple recipe for making Banana Ice Cream.The only difference is I have used a pre-cooled tile to chill the cream at a faster rate

Step 1: Place a Tile in the Frezzer

Couple of days prior to making the ice cream, I have cleaned and placed a 12 " x 6 " size tile in the freezer. I will pour the mix over this tile for making the Ice cream.

Step 2: Ingredients

  • Two fully ripe Bananas
  • About half a cup of cream
  • About half a cup of Icing Sugar
  • Vanilla Essence. I will add a drop of this essence for flavour
  • Handful of Cashew Nuts

Step 3: Prepare the Mix

  • Peel Banana skin and cut into small pieces
  • Add Banana pieces, Cream, Icing Sugar and a drop of Vanilla essence to a mixer grinder jar and blend to a fine mix

Step 4: Add Crushed Cashew Nuts

  • In a mortar and pestle, crush the Cashew nuts to a rough powder, add to the blended mix in the jar and mix well

Now our Ice cream mix is ready

Step 5: Pour the Mix Over Cooled Tile

  • Using a spoon transfer the blended mix from the jar to the cooled tile inside the freezer
  • Spread it evenly over the tile and allow it to cool

Step 6: Enjoy Your Banana Ice Cream

  • In about 3 hours, the mix is cooled and ready to be served
  • Scrap and scoop up the Ice Cream from the tile to an Ice Cream Bowl
  • Garnish with a piece of cashew nut and serve.

No chemical food colors or additives other than a drop of vanilla essence is added to the Banana Ice Cream. It is very easy to make, tastes very good and everybody loved it.

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