Introduction: How to Make Beautiful Soap Case

About: I am a textile chemist. And i love to to do experiment on textiles using various dyeing and printing technique.

This project is very interesting one. Soap case is one of the important items of our daily life. A soap case that is very light, does not break and keep soap fresh even it drops in water. isn't it very interesting? Let's make it.

Step 1: Watch the Video

First watch the video carefully.

Step 2: Arrange These Stuffs

Small sponge or foam, scissors, blade, brush, plastic soap case, glue

Step 3: Use Sharp Blade to Take Out Sponge

Place the soap case die on sponge make an outline.

Step 4: Make Outline Using Blade.

Step 5: Take Out the Rough Shape

Step 6: Rough Shape

Step 7: Use Scissor to Make It Fine.

Step 8: The Final Result

Step 9: Cut the PVC Pipe.

Step 10: Use a Hot Air Gun to Shape It Like a Oval Shape

Step 11: Shape

Step 12: Place It Over the Sponge and Cut a Thin Layer

Step 13: Apply the Adhesive in the Inner Part of the PVC and Paste That Thin Sponge.

Step 14: Done

Step 15: