Introduction: How to Make Birthday Cap

To make birthday / party cap you will need following material:-

Chart Paper, Color Paper, Jute, Thread, Glue, Pencil, and Scissors

Step 1: Basic

Draw a quarter circle about 14” on chart paper with a pencil tied to a string. Cut out the quarter circle. Bring the two ends of the quarter circle together and make cone. Apply glue on edge and paste.

Step 2: How to Roll Paper on Jute

Take a paper (A4 size) cut it in two pieces. Fold the both pieces of paper in a half and make cuts almost the end. You can see in picture how I left the end of the paper. Take a piece of computer paper roll it and paste it on the top of cap. Now open the fold paper and fold in opposite side. Now roll this paper on jute and thread.

Step 3: Final

Paste paper thread on the cap. Cut some different sizes of heart of computer paper, and paste it on the cap.

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