Introduction: How to Make Boo Boo Bunnies

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This is a fun, easy project to do with your little ones that is safe and inexpensive for all! Boo-Boo Bunnies help with the little boo-boos we get running around the house, riding bikes, playing at the park and more. To help make those boo-boos go away faster, the Boo-Boo Bunnies helps keep things cool and is a friend to keep us company when we are injured. All kiddos love boo-boo bunnies and will be so happy to have them when needed!

Step 1: Grab Your Supplies

To create our cute little boo boo bunnies, we first need the following items:

1. Wash Cloth - for first timers a thinner material will be easier to maneuver

2. Rubber Band or Hair Tie

3. Ribbon or String

4. Cotton Balls (2x)

5. Tape or Glue - depends on your preference!

Step 2: Create Your Bunny Figure

To get your wash cloth to resemble a bunny's body, follow these few steps:

1. Roll your wash cloth tightly long-ways into a roll.

2. Take both ends of the roll and align them together.

3. Take the aligned ends at the top and bend them towards the back of the wash cloth.

4. Pinch where you like the length of the ears.

5. Go to the next step for further directions.

Step 3: Finalize the Bunny Body

We want to keep the ears up and perky for our little bunny friend. So, take you rubber band or hair tie and wrap it around the area you pinched for the ears. This will keep your bunny's body in check and create the hardest park of our boo boo bunny.

Step 4: Decorate Your Bunny

To make your Boo Boo Bunny different from other people's tie a ribbon or string around the rubber band/hair tie to give it a fun pop of color. I also decided to tape two cotton balls together and then tape them to the bunny's back side to give it a tail. You can also choose to include googly eyes, triangle noses, and more. The important thing is to have fun and get creative!

Step 5: Find Boo Boo Bunny a Home

Once you are done decorating your Boo Boo Bunny you are set and finished! The last thing to do, is find your bunny a nice home in your freezer. That way when you get a boo-boo your bunny is ready to help!