Introduction: How to Make Bottle Door Closer

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Today I am making how to make bottle door closer with just a bottle ,wire and hooks .

It's very easy and fun thing to make also it's very useful if annoying people don't close the door when they leave

Step 1: Things We Need

Wire approx 5 feet

Empty water bottle


Glue gun

Step 2: Giving It Hook

Make a hole in the center of the bottle cap and place the hook in it

Step 3: Glueing It

Glue it from the inside of the cap so it won't go out of it when putting weight

Step 4: Wiring It Up

Place the wire from the hook and back to it's tail and secure it with the zipties then fill the water and put the cap on the bottle

Step 5: Weight Pulling

Drill a tiny hole for another hook over the corner of the door frame and put the wire from it to the door and screw the wire on the door.

it will need to pull the door and as they go away it will close back ,hope you like this tutorial please see the video in detail and have a nice day