Introduction: How to Make Bracelet

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This is a fun bracelet enjoy

Step 1: What You Need

Bicone Glass Bead,Brass End Piece and Iron Jumpring

Step 2: Make the Starting Loop

Firstly, cut out about 80cm tiger tail, more if you want a larger size bead bracelet. Next, string about 5~7 pieces at the center and finally cross the two tips through one yellow Bicone Glass Bead.

Step 3: Make Beaded Bracelet Pattern

While making the rhombus pattern for how to make a bead bracelet, it can be simply divided into three parts:

Used your beads and make a pattern.

Step 4: Repeat the Crystal Rhombus for a Bead Bracelet

After handling the basic beading method for the crystal rhombus, in this step, just repeat until you get an ideal length for your bracelet.

Step 5: The Ending Work of Instructions for Making Beaded Bracelets

String 5~7 pieces seed beads as you did in step1. Then tie a knot at the end, and next, attach the Brass Lobster Claw Clasp and Brass End Piece to your bracelet. There, you have it now!

Step 6:

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