Introduction: How to Make Cabiole Style Dining Table Legs

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A cabriole leg can add a ton of dimension and class to a custom table. The elegant curve and shape brings a beautiful dynamic to any piece. In this video I walk you through a quick and efficient way to make a set of these legs out of reclaimed wood. Using some simple tools.

Materials needed.

(4) Leg Blanks - I used 3" x 3" x 30" reclaimed pine and hemlock.

Tools Needed

- Tablesaw

- Bandsaw

- Sander

- Spindle Sander

This is a very simple technique that can be done in a multitude of ways. This is how i got it done in the most efficient way

Step 1: Layout and Mark Template

In this step you want to layout and mark your template. You can find templates online or make one on your own. I made mine to the shape i wanted and cut it out from 1/4" plywood. Using a marker to make sure i knew which parts were being removed.

Step 2: Make First Cuts

Following your template lines, make your first cuts in as large of pieces as possible. Cut the parts out and save them. You will be taping these back on the leg for the second stage of cutting

Step 3: Re-Assemble the Leg

Tape the parts of the leg that you just removed on the bandsaw back on the leg. Once you have them secured in place , re-trace your lines from the original template layout

Step 4: Make Second Round of Cuts

Back on the bandsaw, make the second stage of cuts on your template lines. This time it is not important to take the pieces out in chunks. So if you need to use relief cuts that is no problem

Step 5: Shape, Sand, and Assemble

Now that your leg is roughed out, you can get down to shaping. I use a spindle sander, an orbital sander, and my hand to get the leg to final shape. You can also us rasps and sanding blocks. After you have your final shape, wipe it down with some mineral spirits and the leg is ready for assembly!

Thank you for checking out this Tutorial.

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