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This time I tried to make Cement bottle with the help of ball. Its very easy to make and cost effective too.This is best for room decoration .

Supplies ;

ball, cement ,cotton cloth ,black color ,lacquer spray ,red color ,sand paper,PVC pipe.

Step 1: Bottle Making

Take ball and attach PVC pipe on top of it. Now take cotton cloth pieces and paste on ball with the help of cement .Cover all portion with it. After dry rub it with sand paper .Now apply second layer like i did. Now apply mixture of distemper, primer and PVA glue. Again use sand paper. Smooth and fine surface is required .

Step 2: Coloring

I got smooth and fine surface ,Now spray black paint on it .For decoration I used red color and dip cotton thread than mark lines on the bottle .Further I spray lacquer on it .My project is ready .

Step 3: Final Look

Here is final look of my project.

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