Introduction: How to Make Cement Snowman - Fun Holiday DIY!

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Tis the Season for a fun holiday DIY! We saw this project in one of those easy holiday craft compilation videos and decided to give it a try ourselves. However, even after finding the source video, there were SO many important steps that they left out, so we decided to create a comprehensive guide to making a cement snowman!

Once we figured out all the contingencies, this project was actually quite easy. So follow the steps below, and you’ll have your very own cement snowman in no time!


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Fast Setting Concrete (we used Rapid Set CementAll) -

Cotton rope -

Scissors -

Bucket -

Mixing stick -

Drop cloth -

Punch balloons -

Zip ties -

Metal pole (we used the pole from a metal Tiki Torch) -

Oscillating Multitool (or other metal saw) -

E6000 -

Pencil -

Eye protection -

Dust mask -

Gloves -

Scrap wood for base (just needs to be 3/4” - 1” thick)


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Step 1: Blow Up Punch Balloons

Punch balls, or punch balloons, are perfect for this project. They’re thicker than traditional balloons and can handle the weight and texture of the concrete.

Gather the following materials: three punch balloons

Follow these steps:

1. Blow up three punch balloons: one small for the head, one medium for the body and one large for the bottom.

2. Tie them off securely and ensure that there are no air leaks.

3. If the air temperature is cool or cold out (which is likely given the time of year!) give the air in the balloons time to normalize with the temperatures so they shrink before you start wrapping them. We let them sit for a few hours.

Step 2: ​Make Cement Balls

Now the fun part! We highly recommend doing a test run with dry rope first to see how you want to wrap the balloons with the rope to achieve the right look.

Gather the following materials: quick setting cement, water, bucket, mixing stick, safety gear, punch balloons, cotton rope

Follow these steps:

1. Mix cement mixture in a bucket, using approximately a 2 parts water to 1 part concrete mix.

Note: It should be pretty soupy when you first mix. That’s okay because the rope will soak up the water.

2. Soak rope in concrete mixture, being sure to keep track of one of the ends.

3. Once your rope is fully covered in the concrete mix, tie one end of the rope through the loop at the top of the punch balloon.

4. Wrap rope around balloons, first in a plus sign, then being sure to vary the directions.

5. Once you are satisfied with your wrap, cut the excess rope using a pair of scissors.

6. Using a dry rope, slightly suspend your creation, just enough that it is not sitting flat on the ground.

Tip: We used a 2x4 laid across two saw horses.

7. Repeat for other snowman balls.

Tip: You may need to add water if your cement is too chunky at this point.

8. Let cure overnight.

Step 3: Clean Out Cement Balls

We'll admit that this part gets a little messy, so you'll want to don that safety gear and protect your work surface.

Gather the following materials: shears, drop cloth, safety gear, sharp object, scissors

Follow these steps:

1. Lay down a drop cloth on your work surface.

2. Put on safety gear (goggles and mask).

3. Pop the balloons with any sharp object.

4. Cut the loose ballon parts out of the cement forms with scissors.

5. Knock the loose bits of cement off of the balls.

6. Trim any extra cement rope from tying the balls off and/or hanging them with shears.

Step 4: Create Your Snowman Stand

There are so many different ways you can stand your snowman up: you can use a large planter or find a way to affix a pole to a wood base. We chose to keep the base simple to let the snowman really shine.

Gather the following materials: pencil, scrap wood/wood round, metal pole, E6000, zip ties, metal saw, tape, carpenter's square

Follow these steps:

1. Mark the middle of your wood base.

2. Measure the diameter of your metal pole.

3. Drill a hole in the middle of the wood round using an appropriately sized fortsner bit.

4. Fill hole with E6000 glue and insert metal pole.

5. Use a carpenter's square to ensure that the pole sets at 90 degrees

6. Once the glue cures, stack snowman balls on top of each other to determine the needed height for your pole.

7. Mark pole height with a piece of tape.

8. Trim pole with a pipe cutter.

Step 5: ​Dress Up Your Snowman

Now that you built your snowman, it’s time to bring him to life with all the finishing touches your heart desires.

Gather the following materials: charcoal, hooks, carrot, scarf, hat

Follow these steps:

1. Screw hooks into the back of two pieces of charcoal for the eyes.

2. Hang eyes on snowman head.

3. Insert a carrot into the face for the nose.

4. Move your base to the desired location and stack the balls in the right order.

5. Add a hat and scarf for the perfect finishing touches, if desired.

Step 6: Enjoy!

However you dress your new friend, he’s sure to be a hit in the neighborhood! We really hope you liked this project. Definitely let us know if you give it a try.

In the meantime, if you liked this project, please head over to for other tips, DIY stories and more. And if you’re interested in checking out more of our tutorials, check out our Instructables profile or head over to our YouTube channel.

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