Introduction: How to Make Chai Tea #HMS2020

In this instructables, I am going to teach you how to make chai tea. Chai is a flavored tea beverage that originated in India. This project will not be very difficult and will only take 6 minutes.


1 cup of milk

half a cup of water

1 chai tea bag

1 saucepan

sugar as desired

Your Favorite Mug!

Cookies (optional)

Step 1: Add Water and the Chai Tea Bag to the Saucepan

Once you got your materials, put the saucepan on top of a flame. Add half a cup of water in the saucepan and change the temperature of the flame by turning it on a high flame. Then put 1 chai tea bag in the saucepan. Also put as much sugar to your liking in the water and wait until the water stops boiling.

Step 2: Add Milk to the Saucepan

Once the water is done boiling, add a cup of milk in the water. After that, decrease the temperature of the flame by turning it into a medium flame. Wait until the tea is done boiling. This should only take a couple minutes.

Step 3: Conclusion

Once the tea is done boiling, turn off the flame. Next, carefully pour the tea in one of your mugs. Now that you have made chai tea, you can drink anytime at home enjoying the taste of it. You can also dip and eat cookies with it was well.

While doing this project I had faced some challenges along the way, like writing this instructable and taking pictures. Although I faced some challenges during this project, it was still fun to do and teach through this instructable.