Introduction: DIY Chess Piece KING Out of CHALK

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Learn How To Make Chess Pieces KING out of CHALK Easy DIY at HOME Lifehack using PENCIL SHARPENER For KIDS Chalk Carving !

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Step 1: ​Video Tutorial for More Ease to Make It by Yourself !!! :)

Step 2: Materials Required

- pencil sharpener

- chalk

- +screw driver

- water

Step 3: Remove Pencil Sharpener Blade Using +screw Driver

Step 4: Dip the Chalk in the Bowl of Water for Few Seconds to Make It Moist and Easy for Chalk Carving

Step 5: Hold the Chalk Upside Down and Take the Blade and Carve a Line Around It ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 6: Remove Chalk Materials Below the Carved Line ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 7: This Is the First Step for the Base Carving ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 8: Repeat the Procedure Again Below the First Carving ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 9: Now Hold the Chalk Upright and Carve As Shown in the Figure ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 10: Similarly After Small Distance Carve the Same Pattern As Per Previous One ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 11: Repeat Process Upwards As Per the Image ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 12: Break and Remove Excess Chalk From the Top ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 13: Carve the Chalk From the Top to Make Rectangular Pattern ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 14: Carefully Carve Out From Both Sides of the Top to Make the Upper Portion of the Cross Sign ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 15: Similarly Very Carefully and Gently Carve Out the Bottom Portion of the Cross Sign ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 16: This Is the Step by Step Stages of Progression Which You Need to Follow to Make Chess Piece KING

Step 17: And We Are Done and Ready to Play Some Chess ;p

Step 18: Video Tutorial for Step by Step Procedure for Making Chess Pieces in Depth