Introduction: How to Make Chicken Curry

Chicken curry is the common food for all Nepali people. It is simple to make and does not take longer time to cook. Everybody have their different recipe to cook chicken curry. The way I am going to teach you guys is really similar to how my mom used to cook it for me since I was a kid and is really simple way to make it.

Step 1: Gather All the Ingredients.

The ingredients you need are:

Cumin Powder

Turmeric powder

Chicken or meat curry powder


Black pepper

Red chilly

Half or full onion


Garlic paste

Ginger paste

Green onion is also optional

Red Chilly or green chilly

Chicken breast or chicken with bones its option

Vegetable oil or butter

Step 2: Heat the Pot and Put Oil on It

Put the pot in high heat and after couple of seconds you put oil on it and wait for like 1 and half minute for the oil to cook. If not, then your chicken will have this weird smell on it.

Step 3: Cook the Chicken.

You need to wash the chicken and cut it in small or appropriate pieces. After that you put the chicken in the pan and cook it until the chicken loses all its water. You need to cook the chicken until its light brown. While your chicken is cooking you can cut the vegetables.

Step 4: Cook the Vegetables With the Meat.

I used half onion and 3 red chilly. When the chicken is light brown first put some onions and red chilly. After that you cook it for 3 minutes until the onion is light brown. I also added some carrots, corn and pea but it is optional if you like vegetables in your curry then you can add it but if you don’t like vegetables you don’t need to.

Step 5: Put the Seasonings

put ½ to 1 TB of grated ginger and garlic, 1 TB of chili powder, 1 TB of turmeric, 1 TB of cumin, 1 or 2 TB of meat curry seasoning. And I used 1 tomato and diced it into small pieces. You need to cook it for like 5 minutes and while its cooking pours a ¼ cup of water so it does not burn and simmer it in low heat. Cook it for 3 more minutes until the water is vaporized or if you want you can make it as a gravy too. After that you can put coriander on the top as a seasoning or not its optional. And, also I added some spinach because I love vegetables with my chicken.

Step 6: Serve the Food

Put your cooked meat in a bowl or a plate and you can eat it by itself or you can serve it with rice. Also you can prepare this dish as an appetizer when your friends are over. Also, you can use pork or any other meat if you want to. And if you want gravy then just add some water at the end and boil it in medium heat for 4 minutes.