Introduction: How to Make Chipmunks Song Using Filmora

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hi guys!! here's my another instructable... i used to loved the songs of the chipmunks in the movie alvin and the

chipmunks and i am very curious how it is done that's why i do it in the movie editor filmora , and i found it very easy... i hope you guys enjoy reading my instructable!!

Step 1: First Open the Filmora Editor

if you don't have filmora editor you can search it download it free.

this is the site :

Step 2: Choose Full Feature Mode

Step 3: Click Import Media to Library

i import the song Sing for you by EXO because its my favorite band. you can choose your own song in your music library.

Step 4: Choose Song and Add to Project

Step 5: Double Click the Song and Adjust the Pitch to 12

Step 6: Click Ok and Play

Step 7: Export Your Project

Step 8: Click Create Video

Step 9: Choose MP3

Step 10: Rename Your Song and Where to Save

Step 11: Click Export

Step 12: Wait for Conversion

Step 13: Play the Song

after that play the song!! you have a song that sang by chipmunks!!!

thaank you!! i hope this is helpful for the sound lovers!!!

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