Introduction: How to Make Christmas Pud Teacakes

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This one is great fun to make! Perfect for the little ones to get involved in too. You can totally cheat and buy your teacakes, or if you really want to, you can make your very own. Either way, the decoration is definitely the fun part!

Here is what you will need to make 6, easy doubled, tripled or however many take your fancy!

  • 1 x pack of 6 Chocolate Teacakes
  • 60g Icing Sugar
  • Green Fondant Icing
  • Red Sugar Balls (or Red Fondant Icing)
  • Edible Glue (or Water if using Red Icing)

Essential Equipment

  • Small Holly Plunge Cutter

Step 1: Making the Holly & Ivy

On a surface lightly dusted with icing sugar, roll out the green icing to about 3mm thick and cut out as many holly leaves as you need. (One per teacake.)

Step 2: Making the Holly & Ivy

Stick 3 red sugar balls to the middle of each holly by painting on a little edible glue and pressing them on lightly.

Alternatively, you can make little red balls from red icing (just tear off very small pieces & roll into balls between your fingers) and use a small dab of cold water to stick them into the centre of the holly. Place them uncovered onto a plate or tray and set to one side to dry.

Step 3: Making the Icing

Meanwhile, to make the icing, simple weigh out the icing sugar into a small bowl and add 2 tsp of cold water. Give it a good stir until it’s smooth and lump free. It should be quite thick but still a tiny bit runny.

Step 4: To Decorate

Unwrap your teacakes and place them onto a tray or cooling rack.

‘Splodge’ about a tsp worth of icing onto the top and encourage a few dribbles down the sides. Yes splodge, that’s a technical term.

Step 5: To Decorate

Place a holly decoration onto the top of each one.

Leave to set for an hour (or overnight is fine) then store in an airtight container at room temperature. These will last for 1-2 weeks.

Step 6: Tadah!

How cute are they?! So simple to make too. I actually forgot how much I enjoy making sugar decorations, they’re so therapeutic and they always seem to turn something simple into something so special!

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