How to Make Cinnamon Cheerios




Introduction: How to Make Cinnamon Cheerios

Make your cheerios taste just like cinnamon toast crunch

Step 1: Materials

- Plain Cheerios

-Powdered Cinnamon


-Mixing Bowl

-Cereal Bowl

Step 2: Step 1

Take the sugar and cinnamon and mix them together in your bowl. Use the ratio 2 - 1. So for every Tsp. of cinnamon add two Tsp. of Sugar

Step 3: Step 2

Combine your dry cheerios with your cinnamon sugar mix. Spread it evenly and mix if necessary

Step 4: Enjoy

Thats all! Now you can enjoy your homemade cinnamon Cheerios

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    5 years ago

    My go-to late night snack. I make mine with cinnamon and raw honey instead of sugar.