Introduction: How to Make Coconut Milk

Coconut can be used in cooking in so many ways. Extracting milk from matured coconut is one of them. The sweetened coconut milk can be used as a health drink , can be used in cooking and also eaten with Appam, Dosa or Idlies.

This instructable will guide you on how to make coconut milk.

Step 1: Ingredients

  • One full coconut broken into halves
  • One small piece of dried ginger
  • Six to seven pieces of Green Cardamom
  • About 100 grams of Brown sugar. (You can use any type of sugar)
  • About one liter of water

Step 2: Crush Coconut

  • Extract the coconut meat with a knife and add the pieces to a mixer / grinder
  • Crush the pieces as they are without adding water. If you add water then you may find chunks of coconut pieces.
  • Now add the dried ginger piece and green cardamom
  • We have kept about one liter of water aside. Now add one third of that water to the roughly crushed coconut

Step 3: Crush and Filter

  • After adding water, crush the mix for about two to three minutes
  • Filter the crushed mix using a strainer with somewhat large holes
  • Repeat the same process three times adding water in parts
  • The last picture shows the remains of coconut meat after extracting the milk. This can be discarded or used to make compost

Step 4: Filter With a Fine Mesh

  • Now filter the coconut milk with a fine mesh by adding the extract in small quantities
  • Press down the remains with a spoon to extract the complete milk
  • Leave the dark coconut skin at the bottom of the vessel

Step 5: Add Sugar

We got about one liter of coconut milk. Add about 100 grams of brown sugar to the milk and mix well.

Taste the liquid and adjust the sugar to your own taste.

Now you can use the coconut milk in the following ways

  • Drink it as it is.
  • Lightly heat the milk and use it as a hot drink
  • Add ice cubes and use it as a cold drink
  • Use it as a creamy sauce with Idli, Dosa or appam

It tastes heavenly and considered to be one of the healthiest drinks

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