Introduction: How to Make Cowboy Resin Art | Sculpture Art

Welcome to my new video, Its very lovely and cool video. Combination of plaster and resin ,It gives you amazing result. Hope you like the video.


Plaster of Paris.

acrylic colors,

Epoxy resin with yellow pigment,

polymer clay.

Step 1: Sculpture of Polymer Clay

I am using polymer clay for making of sculpture. I made horse face and cowboy. Polymer clay will hard after baking.

Step 2: Use of Plaster

I prepared firstly base , for this I used plaster of Paris . Put some plaster mixture and fix horse and cowboy in it. For coloring I used acrylic colors. Watch the video please.

Step 3: Epoxy Resin

I put all the material in a box than I put epoxy resin with yellow pigment in it. Now I prepared shield base with plaster and fix both parts in epoxy .For more details check the video.

Step 4: Amazing Result

I got amazing result of my project .Here are few pictures of my project.

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