Introduction: How to Make Crayon Candles

This project is really fun for anyone who has a passion for being creative and crayons.  If done with younger children, please supervise, hot wax can be dangerous.

Step 1: Materials

¨Crayons of any brand (I recommend that you use several of the colors that you plan on using

¨Cooking Tongs

¨Candle Wicks

¨2 Small plastic containers (one to melt the wax in, and the other to use in shaping the candle


¨Cooking Pot (this can be any pot, since the only thing you will be doing with it is boiling water)

Step 2: Instructions

First, you're going to want to make a base for the candle to form on, and also to keep it from sticking to the plastic container.  You can do this by taking two white crayons and melting them into the "shaping" plastic container as shown below.  To melt the crayons, put the container into the cooking pot, which should be full of boiling water.

Step 3:

Next, take at least two crayons (they preferably should be somewhat similar colors) and melt them in the second container (this can be left in the boiling water until melted).  Once they're completely melted, pull the second container out of the boiling water with the cooking tongs and pour the melted crayons into the "shaping" container.

Step 4:

This is the point where the process becomes much more randomized.  After pouring the melted crayon into the shaping container, quickly pour COLD water onto the wax to cool it.  By doing so in such a fast manner, you can give your candle the random, abnormal shape.  To insert a wick, pour the candle wax onto part of the wick, so that the wick can stand up.  Continue pouring melted crayons into the shaping container and pouring in cold water until the desired shape is achieved.