How to Make Custom Characters for Led Matrix




Introduction: How to Make Custom Characters for Led Matrix

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It Is So Simple To Make Our Own Custom Characters In Led Matrix For That

We Can Use A Simple App Called Pixel To Matrix

By Using This App Everyone Can Make There Own Custom Characters In Led Matrix

From There Own Imagination................ Isnt It Cool

Check This Instructable :) ;)

Step 1: How to Control Led Matrix to Arduino

How To Control Led Matrix Using Arduino :--

Check This Video & Instructable If You Are Not Familier With The Connection Of Led Matrix With Arduino

Step 2:

Do Not Bother About These much Steps These I Have Done To Make Everything More Clear To You

Go & Proceed With The Next Step :) ;) ..........

Step 3: Download the Files

Downloaded These Files ..........

Pixel To Matrix Application :--

Code :--

Step 4:

Need To Extract the Pixel To Matrix App

Step 5:

Open The Extracted File ........

Step 6:

This Is The Pixel To Matrix App

The App Is Same As That Of 8*8 Led Matrix

Which Has 8 Rows & 8 Columns

Step 7:

Click On The Squares To Make Patterns .....

Step 8:

Then Click The Generate Button To Get The Code .........

Step 9:

This Is The Arduino Code For Led Matrix

Step 10:

Copy The Code ........

Step 11:

Open The Notepad To Paste The Code ....

Step 12:

Paste The Code Here ......

Step 13:

Click To Make The Patterns .......

Step 14:

Copy The Code ...........

Step 15:

Again Paste The Code On The Notepad ..........

Step 16:

Continue Making The Patterns In The App And Copy The Code

Step 17:

Paste The Code In Notepad Till Your Wish To Display The Patterns Which Was Made In The Pixel To Matrix App

Step 18:

Then Open The Arduino Code ........

Step 19:

Delete These Lines ..........

Step 20:

Then Type byte a[8]= {

Step 21:

Then Type byte b[8]= {

Step 22:

Type Till byte j[8]= {

I Have j Lines In My Notepad Code

So That I Have Made It To byte j[8]= {

Step 23:

Then Open The Notepad & Copy The First Line Of Code

& Paste The Code In The Arduino Code

After Copying The Code Need To Type };

Step 24:

Paste The Lines Upto byte j[8]= {

From The Notepad

Step 25:

Delete These Lines In The Code ........

Step 26:

Then Type

printByte (a);


Step 27:

Type Lines Upto ,

printByte (j);


Beacuse Iam Having J Lines In The Notepad ...........

If U Have More Than J Lines You Can Type Upto That Line Or Vice Versa .........

Step 28:

Type } At The End Of The Line ............

Step 29:

After That Click Verify ....

To Check For Any Errors Or Mistakes ......

Include This Library To Arduino Software

Library :--

Step 30:

Then Click On Tools Select The Board Name & Com Port

Step 31:

Then Upload The Code To Arduino ...........

Step 32: More Info .........

Arduino Main Software :--


Pixel To Matrix Application :--


Code :--


Library :--

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    3 years ago on Step 3

    I am using mac os so please guide me to use the pixels to matrix software.. Please...


    4 years ago

    Good tuto,

    but i prefere this app :


    Reply 4 years ago

    I like this app so that i prefer to use this
    But good to hear from you my friend


    Reply 4 years ago

    save the page and it will work on you computer without internet.
    it's only one html page with one javascript.


    Reply 4 years ago

    But The App Which I Provided Can Use Anytime Without Internet


    Reply 4 years ago

    karlt1 brother the app u provided is online and only those who have internet can take use of it


    4 years ago

    The download links are dead,pls fix.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Sorry For The Inconvenience All Errors Fixed .........


    Reply 4 years ago

    I will fix it bro